What is google sandbox and why they are important

What is google sandbox and why they are important for SEO


what is google sandbox and why it important for seo


Hello friends Today many person don’t hear about the word of google sandbox .so this article i share about  what is google sandbox and why they are effect your SEO.

Google created the google Sandbox filter in march 2004, based on the term of  “Sandbox” in order to the poor quality article and website to spam and copy right content.Google sandbox a website have be placed special Surveillance by google for being suspected of being spamming or engaging in to get a high search ranking.

Google sandbox is a important term for SEO. Sandbox is quite popular the newly buddies website founded has too much copy content and few months past /suddenly a day come you cannot find your website on the google ranking ,search all the keywords of your site.  If you know how to immediately any website rank and get traffic the natural is toward doing that repeatedly with spam sites.





Duplicate content:- if you new buddies in blogging than you don’t know the google rule and policy there are big issue to duplicate content copy 100% of article form other website into the view of google sandbox quickly and damaged your SEO

Low quality links- Created unwanted backlink content to your site

Backlink:- Created number of backlink pointing to your website is too large for a short time period and many of the backlink are not natural and poor quality backlink .so website infected with google sandbox.

Onpage backlink:- To many keyword insertion in your article and keyword density too thick . Just put keyword in the key not try to lot of keywords into the article.

Hidden text or links:- Most popular among the Black hat SEO are hidden text or link

Rich snippet spam





what is google sandbox and why it important for seo



  • Clear your website considered any spam 
  • Make sure your website easily scan and indexable with sitemap and robots. txt file , submit them google search console.
  • Do white hat SEO 
  • Enhance the article written content for your website very often, absolutely not copy right 100% to the other.Enhance the content written for your website very often, often, absolutely not copy 100% of other people
  • Use the <lastmod> tag :- you want to add to your sitemap file you need to modify this tag with every new modification you make to  your website. It help to google keep track if you’re taking step to get out of the sandbox.




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