What is Bitcoin and can you still get rich with Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin and can you still get rich with Bitcoin?


The bitcoin cryptocurrency are certinly  on the rise.  and bitcoin is king of all cryptomcurrecy. we are explain who do earn bitcoin and get rich .

Bitcoin is wildly confusing and here the bad news, the fact you are reading this now mean you are late to the game. and it going to be tough to turn a profit in which Bitcoin mining,. so nevertheless, if you want to try your hand at mining bitcoins, here

we present the beginner guide to the generating the bitcoins.

so let talk about Bitcoin is value has recovered and actually surpassed the value of gold.

right now it 5 lakhs 08thousand . but yesterday hit an all time high 8 lakhs around. mean half profit.according to coin base.

BUT despite this bitcoin is said to under threat frm severl newer crypto currencies including ethereum.


What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a digital currency that operate independently of a central Bank. Encryption is used a regulate both generation of bitcoin units and transfer of the currency.

What are Bitcoin Futures?

bitcoin futures get the go ahead bitcoin is scoring sky high and uk government is callling for increased regulateion of cryptocurrencies by expanding the reach of anti money laudering rules.

 Bitcoin is a futures are contracts that balnce the risk associiated with volatile pricing . In the us they will go live on sunday evening with the first full day trading 11 dec 17. If bitcoin Futures contract, you but the right to sell bitcoin at a specific price. mean the seller agrees to accept the bitcoin at specific price on the future date. I hopes to buy bitcoin at a more favourable price.
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