Top 10 SEO Mistakes made by content writers and bloggers

Top 10 SEO Mistakes made by content writers and bloggers

Today i share  top common mistakes is SEO .Ever notice that why some website rank higher in searching result and some there are not despite the same effort ?

There are 3 popular reason that why particular website content high rank  .First reason that they have received more quality backlinks compared to other. Second Reason that they have better keyword research to other and the last one they have optimized with no content writing the SEO mistakes.

Today i guide you how to avoid the on page optimization common mistake that your organic traffic wasting both your energy and as well as time.

Every blogger has a secret tool that help him dominated the SERPs . so today the new webtexttool keyplanner has so far been a great affordable companion that has not only; helped me but also my polish tha SEO skills and publish quality content that bring flow traffic from google, bing and other search engine site.

top 1o seo mistake

Top 10 SEO Mistake

  • D’not doing Key word Research
  • Title Tag Exceeding The Standard Length
  • Meta description missing or too long in length
  • Un-Optimized Permalink
  • Missing H1 heading tag in Content Title
  • Missing H2 Sub heading inside content
  • Not highlighting keywords with Bold or Italic tag
  • Writing Short Thin Content
  • Low Keyword Density

D’not doing key word Research:-Most of new blogger have habit of not doing any kind of keyword research while preparing a website /blogger post. They randomly select the title and start writing what have comes his mind.

Doing a simple research on key planner analysis tool, made it easy for me on which keyword to

pick for this post writers.



top seo mistake

key planner also offers you related keyword suggestion just like

  • The search volume is an indication of the number of queries on your keyword per month.
  • Competition is an indication of how strong competition is on your keyword.
  • The overall score combines the search volume and competition

Once you have completed your keyword research analysis, you are ready to choose a SEO friendly title for your post.

 Title Tag Exceeding The Standard Length

Three things are important while writing a search friendly title like:-

  • Number of keyword – add your keyword
  • Number of characters – least 8 word characters but maximum 60 word characters
  • Number of words   – add at least 3 word

Make sure your title contain your primary keyword or focus keyword make sure your title does not exceed

Three things are important while writing a search friendly title:

  1. Number of Keywords – Add your keyword one time
  2. Number of Characters – Add at least 7 characters but maximum 60 characters
  3. Number of Words – Add at least 3 words

Make sure your title contains your primary keyword or focus keyword and make sure your title does not exceed the 60 characters optimal Length for search engines.

Google displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag. If you keep your page titles under 55 characters, you can expect at least 97% of your titles to display properly in search results.

Meta description missing or too long in length

Meta description tag is the soul of your entire content. It give a simile precise and summary of your entire article. when you provide a short 145 characters summary of your blog posts. It is the second biggest rank factor after the title.


top seo mistake

 Un-Optimized Permalink

Most people do not realize that permalink is the third most important place after title and description. where they can insert their focus keyword for maximum search exposure.

permalink is a combination of targeted keyword that explains the content of your post. Long lengthy link get chopped in searching result and your loose the opportunity of ranking high in SERPs.

  • Depending on your url keep it limited to 4o words
  • Must insert your keyword in parmalink
  • keep it short and point focus.

 Missing H1 heading tag in Content Title and

Missing H2 sub heading tag in content

The title tag is what that appears in search result pages and h1/h2 tag is where your display the post content title to your visitors. In most blogging platform like blogspot the text inside title field which is mostly h3 tag is automatically inserted inside title tag but in wordpress your can choose to show a different title to search robots using the title tag a different title to visitors using the h1 tag.

 Not highlighting keywords with Bold or Italic tag

It’s always a good habit to highlight your primary keywords and its synonyms to tell search robots that these words are important and needs more attention. You can also italicize focus keywords and phrases.

It gives you on-page SEO suggestions in real time and helps you add anything you might have skipped or forgotten. This real time functionality of WTT is what that I personally love the most.

 Writing Short Thin Content

Robots hate content which is not well explained or described. When your content length is short/thin you fail to use all related keywords combinations. You miss the opportunity to use different long tail keywords.

 Low Keyword Density

Rarely do bloggers even care about keyword density these days which is among the most popular of common SEO mistakes committed by freelance content writers. Keyword density means the ratio of your focus keyword compared to other related keywords. In short how repeatedly are you using different variations of your main keyword.



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