THE GIRL FROM BERLIN BY Ronald H. Balson free novel

The Girl from Berlin by Ronald H. Balson


The Girl from Berlin by Ronald H. Balson

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this book grabbed from the start and had me turning page after page.

Gabi is an old lady, about to be evicted from her Italian vineyard to make room for Vinco, Big Vine.
The land and its villa have been her property for decades and she’s not giving up without a fight. Having had no luck with the Italian lawyers, her nephew in the United States hires his friends Catherine and Liam to sort things out. They move to Italy to investigate the case.
Gabi meanwhile is fiercely defending her award winning plot of Ada’s grapes.


The book alternates between Gabi in 2017 and Ada in the late 1930’s. Through Ada’s memoir we learn about her life as a young violin player. It tells of everyday events and gives great insight into the workings of the opera house, the orchestra and Ada finding her place as a Jewish woman in a man’s world now also dominated by nazis. From Berlin to Bologna you can smell the fear, hear the music, engage in lively conversation, enjoy both Jewish and Italian traditions. All scenes so vividly described. All characters in depth.

Both stories entwine seamlessly, the 2017 parts giving the reader a welcome break to deal with the nazi horrors.
The moment the connection between Gabi and Ada reveals itself takes my breath away. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

While writing this review I’m standing in Gabi’s vineyard, mesmerized, enjoying the Tuscan sunset, wonderful violin music playing in my head


The Girl from Berlin novel download


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