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Today i share she friend zoned my love by sudeep nagarkar novel free pdf for you.

Sudeep Nagarkar, in his latest novel, She friend-zoned my love, has penned down the story in a different way .He has described how the characters mentioned were deep friends and how they broke and regain their friendship and love in the end. Ending portions of this book are quite emotional and touching.
I recommend to give it a try. “She Friend-zoned my love” is worth a try to spend and read.


When friendship between amrya, apurv, sia and ritwik is so pure and with pihu and ishaan also, destiny has his way of taking all from you in Matter of time.
And friendship stand tall as end got on my nerves and make me cry when nivi call


“Till their is life, there will be struggle;
Till there is struggle, there will be life ”
The only thing i want to sung or listen after this is
“Stay a little longer with me baby”
“Tu thodi der aur therja , balama, ”


If saying in one line, “A typical teen age love story” where a girl likes a boy who seems liking another girl while she finds a boy liking her and the story goes on.
The ending of the book which I felt is a bit dicey.
Overall good, having some quite good poems and conveys a great message.

I almost had tears while reading last stage of the story..The book explains the thin line between LOVE and FRIENDSHIP.
MY LOVE “♥♥ words are less to describe this book .. Because each and every character has been portrayed very nicely..♥
Thank you for such a wonderful book Sudeep sir♥♥♥


NAME OF NOVEL :- She friend zoned my love BY SUDEEP NAGARKAR


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