Sanctity of animals originated from ideas of karma and the transmigration of souls-thus an ant or a tiger could be one’s past or future identity

The book is focusing on each animal one by one which is great, because each of them make a great short story. Therefore this book is easy to pick a topic, read and then leave it (If you are of that kind).

Finishing the book at once is usually the policy of a lot of people but in this case it would not matter, rather there are many details and therefore sooner or later you might want to get an awful lot of information Sacred animals.

The introduction to the book is very neat, that made me buy the book in the first place. There are great stories about how each animal got attached to different religious believes of people.

The author has done a great job in compiling stories together from the South / North / East and West, giving a broad perspective. A little knowledge of Indian mythology is required to enjoy some of the stories, Of course keeping focus on the animals the author has limited information of background of each gods and so on.

I think she has done a great job, the book unraveled lot of secrets for me and I am sure next time I see some animals in some temple I would know a story or two about how they got there.

I think the author is able to pass the idea of the wise men of the past. She has tried to show that there was logic behind putting certain animals in religious stories and the wise men of the past had figured out that religion is a good way to promote conservation.

The greed of the human race is able to overpower any belief and that we can see right now from the way we expand without thinking about our impact on the wild life. The book also mentions the current status of the animal so that one can get a realistic situation about the life of that animal in its present form.

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Name of the novel :- SACRED ANIMALS OF INDIA

Credit by :- Nanditha Krishna

Total pages:-

Total sizes pages:- 3 MB

Quality :- Excellent

Format :- PDF


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