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Rich Dad’s Advisors: 

The ABC’s of Property Management: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Money Now

So you’ve the  made your investment, now d question is: how are you a going to sustain it? make its grow? maximize the potential? One word: management.

Hundreds of thousands know the  Ken McElroy as real estate investment , tycoon, and the according to him,a  sound property management is the a cornerstone of his success. ,  Now, he, reveals d most important principles of the  property management his the new audiobook. You’ll learn:

  • When to the  manage your own property and when to the hire someone else to do it
  • How to the  implement the right systems and structures for you
  • How to manage a  cashflow
  • A month in the life of an owner d manager
  • How to find a good property manager.
  • How to the assemble a superior management team & and more.

The unofficial, but totally necessary, the  sequel to The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing and The Best Kept Secrets of the  Real Estate Investing, THE ABC’S OF PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will fill an important a  slot in both the Rich Dad’s Advisor series, as well as in d general business marketplace.





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