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Finally a well written story by an Indian writer….loved the intensity of the main characters Charlie and Aster. Love brings out the best in us and this story is exactly about that….the selfless act of wanting to see the one you love achieve success and happiness.

The friendship between Ed and Charlie is beautifully shared and so is the genuine concern of the other friends. Its a book you read and smile about long after the last page. It leaves you feeling happy about the power of love and relationships. Looking forward to more from the writer


The story is pretty simple with two guys Charlie – the main protagonist, and Ed – his best buddy moving out of their old town of Lugaar and into a new city for better life.

The book starts with these 2 guys, who are about to enter the new “imaginary” city of Etoile.

The initial part of the book is written nicely with the exception of a part where an old lady and an unknown passenger meet in train and have a discussion about the passenger’s parents.

That part seemed very preachy (and so does few more parts of the book like times when Aster tries to correct / teach / just explain Charlie what he is doing).

So they enter the city and then the usual stuff which I think many of us have seen in movies – Ed and Charlie are looking for job that could help them get rich and have better lives and while searching for house and job, Charlie meets Aster and falls in love, etc.

Ed is a struggling actor, which is also the main reason he came to this new city of Etoile. They meet few strangers while searching for a new house and for some reason these strangers, even thought they for the first time, they are very friendly and helpful to Charlie and Ed.

What happens between Charlie and Aster ? Do they get happily married ? Will Ed be able to become an actor and fulfill his dream? You will have to read the book to find out.


Name of the novel :- Promise Me a million times by keshar aneel

Sizes :- 435 Kb

Format :- pdf

Quality :- Excellant

Languages :- English


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