Only Wheat not White by Varsha Dixit






Only wheat not white author by Varsha Dixit.Author written in a very wonderful manner . I have read many romantic novels but there is something different to other.

In the story of Eila, who visit the US  for the her first job. she want to mend between the parent and her sisters. who married a foreigner and thus rejected by her parents. While Eila start living with her sister and take up two jobs, and after she falls in love with handsome guys Brett. Who should she choose? Despite all her efforts, how much more can she be loyal to her traditional parents back in India?

After that what should she do now? she is dilemma. will her parents accept another inter cultural marriage? Eila is very realistic , Sweet and deep in love about family and matured.

Overall, Only Wheat Not White is an entertaining read which is high on wit and humour and also addressing issues of interracial marriages and the cultural differences






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