On page SEO

On page SEO

Today i share about On page SEO

As I read in some SEO Ebook and some SEO forums, the most of them suggest to optimize SEO on page first before doing off page SEO . so today interest topic related to On page SEO.

On page SEO jobzone.co.in

SEO on page is a must before doing link building . I myself always prioritize On page SEO first before doing link building and social signal to the blogs that  i build. similarly to the blog and website that I participated in this DBN. I submit the SEO strategy on page that i do to my niche website.

  1. How to Optimize On page SEO:- In order for SEO on page website optimally, there are some points to do namely setting on the permalink website/blog use the right heading, contents and articles, and website load speed.
  2. Permalink settings:–  first thing i did was change the permalink structure of the website. By default, the permalink of wordpress blog is like this https://jobzone.co.in/?p=xyz. such a structure is less SEO friendly bcz the title of the article that contains our keyword target is not in the article url.

On the page SEO is that the title of the article should contain the targeted keyword and the URL the article must contain the keyword.

so if my keyword target is navxyz then the URL of a good article is http://www.domainname.com/navxyz/ or http://www.domainname.com/navxyz.html

3.Blog Load speed:- Blog loading speed plays an important role for more SEO blog friedly. Blogs are slow loading is likely not favoured by google. Therefore I am making some improvement to the theme that i use not using plugin that make blog loading slow,unless the plugin is very important factors.

In the measuring the sped of loading blog/website there is a tool that i often use, that is website speed test from pingdom.

Blog Load Speed

Blog loading speed plays an important role for more SEO blog freindly. Blogs are slow loading is likely not favored by Google. Therefore, I am making some improvements to the theme that I use and not using plugins that make blog loading slow, unless the plugin is very important.

In measuring the speed of loading blog, there is a tool that I often use, that is Website Speed ​​Test from Pingdom. The loading speed I like is no more than 10 seconds.

Here are the speed test results I have done with this tool.


google keyword planner


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