Mind hacking How to change you mind for good in 21 days

Mind Hacking How to change you mind for good in 21 days

This needs to get more popular, because it is the first time I have ever actually liked a self help book. This guy has got it figured out, and more people need to get on board.

Basically, Hargrave’s idea is to break your issues down into tiny manageable bits. Which isn’t all that original, true–I’ve heard that method explained many times before. What makes this so successful for me is that he used nerdy references that made sense to me, and gave multiple different variations of the steps

“Mind Hacking” is a way to re-write problem thoughts and succeed at the goals you set. There are three main steps: being aware of what you’re thinking, choosing new thoughts to replace the problem thoughts, and actually replacing those thoughts. For each step, we’re given simple exercises that help you achieve things like increasing your concentration. The last step also covers coming up with small, do-able steps toward your ultimate goal. These techniques are good for any goal, not just re-writing problem thoughts.

Each concept is illustrated with a number of stories and analogies. While the author sometimes refers to scientific studies, he explains the concepts in computer programming terms and in other ways so that even teens can easily understand them. In fact, I know of a teen who could really use the information in this book. I suspect the humorous, encouraging writing style will keep her engaged in the content.

I’ve previously read about some of these ideas and tried them, and they really do work. This book brings these ideas together and explains them on a level that most people can understand and do. I’d recommend this book to anyone ready to change their negative thoughts that keep coming back or who need advice on how to achieve their goals.


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