Jharkhand Gk quiz part 5 General Knowledge question and Answers

Jharkhand Gk Quiz part 5 General knowledge question and Answers


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General Knowledge about Jharkhand by playing this Free Online 20 Questions on Jharkhand GK Quiz Test. You can enhance your Jharkhand GK skill through these questions and answer.

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Welcome to your Jharkhand Gk Quiz 5

Who among the following was the first non BJP chief minister of Jharkhand?
Which among the following is the first term in which Arjun Munda has served as the chief
minister of Jharkhand?
Who is the incumbent Governor of state of Jharkhand?
Out of the following districts of Jharkhand which one is rich source of Iron ore reserves?
The area of Sathalpargana Industrial Area Development Authority, Dumka (SPIADA) is confined
to which of the following Commissionaire?
From what height Swarnarekha river falls from the Hundru falls?
What is the approx population of Bookaro district as per 2011 census?
Purbi Singhbhum district has been formed after isolating how many block from old Singhbhum?
The district of Garhwa is surrounded by which river in the north?
The Harihar Dham, Bagodar is located at which place in Jharkhand?
The Gumla district is located in which portion of Jharkhand?
When was the Gumla District was carved out of Ranchi?
Government’s sports state policy in Jharkand is implemented by which authority?
What is the literacy rate of Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand according to 2011 Census?
Which district has minimum percentage of tribal population in Jharkhand?
----------------- was established for the management of secondary education and madarsa
Where did the 1857 revolt take place in the direction of soldier Jai Mangal Pandey?
Munda tribes call themselves as _________.
Bokaro receives its iron ore supplies from which of the following mines?
"Sarhul", a festival of Munda tribe is called:-
What is known as the residence of Birhar tribal people in Jharkhand?
Steel city is the name given to which of the following cities in Jharkhand?
Uranium processing factory has been started in which of the following cities in Jharkhand?
Small Scale Research Institute has been established in ______________ ? 
Ranchi district Tana Bhagat rehabilitation ordinance was passed in which year?
Minimum temperature in winters is recorded in which part of Jharkhand?
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