how to use the akismet plugin in wordpress tutorial

How to use the Akismet plugin in wordpress


Hello friend Today topic in How to use the akismet plugin in wordpress 

what is akismet plugin and how to use them :- if you have own blog or website and allow users to comment, then we will not be able to avoid spam in your website and spam will be very disturbing and can even worsen your site.

When facing with spam on a wordpress site it will be increasingly difficult and difficult to capture which real comment and false comments in your wordpress

However you are right place in learn how to use akismet plugin in wordpress there are many ways you can use to counter spam or block spam with anti- spam plugin that you can find in the wordpress

But in my view there are one of the best plugins AKISMET  plugin for the wordpress



Akismet is a spam filtering service and there are automatic find spam comment and capture blog comment and pingback spam using their algorithm. this algorithm learn from the error and form action taken by participating in website.

akismet is a useful tool because it can counteract spam around 98% of the spam that is circulating and the potential to attack your site.

why do you have use akismet ?

on the popular sites, the number of spam comment can be as high as 86% . this mean that from every 100 comments only 18 comments are considered valid.

Moderation comments are a time consuming task, and akismet can save your time. Akismet will capture spam comments before the landing in your moderation queue as pending comments.

This allow you to focus your energy on moderating comments by actual users.


How to install and activate akismet plugin

Search plugin option and type akismet and select its see above picture. and click of the install the plugin by clicking in the install button.

After installed the Akismet next you will see a notification asking you to enter the key API, withour this key API, the akismet plugin cannot work. so you must get the API key first.



get the key API is quite easy there are two ways. First if you use the jetpack plugin on the wordpress site, then after you click on the activate the akismet plugin an option will appear .

If you want to use email address that is connect to jetpack account. then just click on the use this email address and your API KEY will be automatically added to the  API key filling column

for the second way method if you don’t use jetpack on your wordpress, then you must register with the official website akismet to get find the key API.

To do this you click on green button that appear in the akismet notification when your plugin activates. click on the ” Activate the Akismet account button ”




Then you will be taken to the Key API fill page, there will be a button that says “‘Get your API Key” and please click the button.




After that you need a wordpress account to use akismet. if you already have one then click sing in button of top right corner.

if you don’t  have a wordpress account setup then click the say good bye to comment spam button and you will taken to the price page.

please choose the get basic package and you need to create wordpress account first. Fill in the registration form and click sing up button and continue.

When you have successfully log in the akismet account you will see a pop up that show the aksimet usage price package.

select on the Basic and automatic price bar is set at to make it free please swipe left until the price becomes $ o.


then you can add your site by clicking ” add site ” and the instruction will appear on the screen same time enter your API key. or you can check your email again and key API is automatically sent to your email id.

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