How to use Quora to promote your website

How to use Quora to promote your website

Every blogger they have biggest challenge to get traffic to his blogger and website .So today i am writing an article How to use quora to promote your website. Quora is such an drive long term traffic to your website. Most experts will suggest you to do guest posting , blog commenting , social media to promotions etc. But do you really think that great ways of traffic unlimited traffic to your blog or your website?

So , I thought to write an article on How to promote your website.

Many question have arises in your mind

  • What is quora
  • How to use quora to promote your website and so on

what is quora :- Quora was founded in june 2009 by two former Facebook employees and website was made available to the public on 21st june 10. It is simple a Question Answer services where  people ask their question and get their answer. like the forums,yahoo answers and site like.

But the forums sites or forums have lost their value now. They are no more appearing in SERPs. But Quora is better than them and best thing is that google is also giving value to Quora. So if your have to promote your website on google, you should give it a definitely try on the Quora .


How to use Quora to promote your website :-

Why Quora to promote your website because they have already with over 3.2 Millions visit per day. Quora is currently one of the most popular website on the word wide web site.

It get more number of visit come in this site and most traffic in its around 40% from India. so if your blog /website relies on Indian traffic. it can be a boon for you website. and there is a considerable traffic from the us too. So if you know How to use Quora You can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website.


How to drive traffic to your website using Quora step by step:-

  • Go to this site and singing Up at Quora , and the first thing you need to do set up your profile.



  • click on connect to google and facebook.
  • how to use quora



  • Select 10 topic to what have to interest and click continues. After What topics do you know about?

  • Setting up the Quora profile a lot of blogger skip this step, but this indeed very important to improve your credibility also connect to your profile in social media.
  • Add Relevant Topics In “Knows About” Section You must select the right topics in the “Knows About” section under the Answer Tab of Quora homepage. Based on the topics you select in this section, Quora will compile a list of questions for you to answer.

    Asked To Answer

  • Quora has an “Ask To Answer” feature wherein a questioner can ask a question to 15 people. When someone asks you a question, it will be shown in “Asked to Answer” section just below Questions for You section.

    Initially, you will not find any questions in this section. But as your Quora Reputation increases, more questions will show up in this section.

  • click on the add on Questions


  • The content in this section is meant for your reading it generally show popular content. Answer in your feed section are likely to get more than 10 times more view than other sections. as can you see in the screenshot above. just one particular answer got 1k views. few minutes.

this article on How to use Quora to promote your website is based on my personal experience. I am sure many of you hve been doing this for a long time.

by naveen beck



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