How to use google keyword planner

How to use google keyword planner

how to use google keyword planner





Google keywords planner is one free tools to commonly used in blogger for keyword research. this device is not friendly to the person who first used it. Instead the knowing a certain number of keywords,that person “crash ” into the page creating the first Adwords and campaign. and dizzy,wonder is upset will usually be experienced those who go to the page.

For those of you who will use google keyword planner for the first time dont want to fall to the page above follow simple below steps.

step 1: go to google keyword planner site

step 2: Click to sign in and enter your gmail and passwrd

step 3:-you can see the welcome to google adwords page then click to skip the guided setup and select country and timezone and currrency. and save to next.

how to use google keyword planner

step 4 click to the tool of planner keyword and click on the search the volume data and trends

hwo tho use google keyword planner

step 5. Type in the keywords you want to check the search volume can  be more than one in one check . selcted the targetting country section ,select to india, continue by clicking .

step 6. View the results that appear.


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