How to Remove Virus attack from xiaomi phones Redmi and Mi

How to Remove Virus attack from xiaomi Redmi phone Mi


how to remove virus in redmi mobile

Today day by day many users purchase Mi Redmi phone but big problem in today we talk about Virus issues in xiaomi mobiles.

How to Affect our Redmi mobile and How we can protect our Redmi mobile from Virus attack.

what is virus

A virus is a combination of program coding which may affect your phone performance or they help the developer to get access your personal data recover mean simple attack your mobile.So if your Redmi phone infected the virus then may be your phone begin slow , heating occur, pop up message display , open different browser automatic run and so on.

Detect virus in Redmi phone

If you face any changes in mobile system performance than may be your
Redmi phone infected with the virus. We also share how to recover from this situation if you are infected your mobile with the virus . You Redmi phone is enough capable to handle these type of problem occur in your phone.

Before we go to virus removing process here we can want to talk about virus myth. Normally users visit various site on their browser like google chrome, Uc browser and so on ….

Suddenly a warning comes that your Redmi/Xiaomi Phone infected pop up message display your mobile screen with the virus if you want to remove this virus then please download this application and so on… like that

If you do not remove the virus now, it will cause severe damage to your phone. Here what you need to do (step by step):

Step 1: Tap the button and install App for free on Google Play!
Step 2: Open the App to speed up and fix your browser now.”

If you see this type of message on your mobile screen then don’t worry about it and dont install any application in your mobile just closed the page on nd simply close that window browser.

If you see this type of message on your screen then don’t worry about it and don’t install any app which recommended by that page. Simply close that window that’s it.

and next step

How to Remove virus in Mi Redmi mobile

  1. Open Security App.
  2. Tap on Virus Scan Icon.
  3. Now Scanning start, Soon you get the result on mobile screen.

After following above steps you can easily check whether your mobile is infected with the Virus or not. If you Redmi/xiaomi Android mobile infected with virus then system display infected app name. Just uninstall that app and reinstall from Google Play Store.

don’t download third parties application .
Here you can also change Virus definition, Just tap on setting icon from right side top and change your required definition like Avast, Tencent, AVL etc.


thank you

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