How to place youtube video in the wordpress post


first of all you will like to include youtube videos in some blog posts to support the content of posts.
youtube videos included in wordpress post by default are on the left sie.but postition of the videos will be more beautiful if in the middle fo posting.
how to do get perfect to middle of a wordpress blog.
let start ..see step by step
How to place youtube video in the wordpress post
1. Copy the embed code of a YouTube video The first step is to copy (copy) the embed code of YouTube video that you will enter in the post. To find out the embed code, click the Share icon located under the Yotube video. After that, click the Embed button and copy the code provided. For example, I copied the video embed code Yoga to Calm Your Nerves for posting
step 1 copy the embed code of a youtube video and will enter in the post..
step 2. find out the embed code, click of the share icon and located under the youtube video.
how to place youtube video in the midddle a wordpress post
step 3. Paste the embed code in the text editor .In the post you are creating . and click Text editor and paste the embed code in the place you want.
for example as shown below.
how to place a youtube video how to place youtube video
step 4. Add the text-align center code Still in the post editor text, add the <div style = “text-align: center”> </ div> code between the embed code to place the video into the middle of the post.
 step 5. Just for information, I also apply the four steps above for the video .
Putting a Youtube video in the middle of a wordpress post is easy. No any need to plugin or modify and css.
i hopefully this simple step its help you wordpress trick is useful for you.
thank you






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