How to learn make money with blogging

 How to make money with blogging

make money with blogging


Today i writing very interest topic about how to make money with blogging and today many people interest to search the online job in internet.

Before going into the specific skill you need to able to make money with blogging, I will show you basic step form reader so you can make money

  • step 1:- Reader find your blog through search engines like google,bing ,referral your friends,social media and any other.
  • step 2:- Reader read your article and believe you are a knowledgeable person who given them more knowledge and solve the problem
  • step 3:- Reader come to your site and click any adsense ads on your website, and purchase through affiliate link products and so on.



 Successful blogger skills

 Website skills

Many blogging is a must to write blogs that rely on technology . I always encourage you to learn how to build website with blogging /wordpress. it is easy, you can practice and able to build a personal blog itself.

 Keyword research skills

Most important fact when i write a blog , keyword research skills sometimes want to put a title like myself but actually that title contains very few search every months on google. so I will place the other but don’t change the article content, the new title contains the keyword is more search on google.

Writing skills  how to make money from blogging
Marketing skills

SEO  is the first skill that you need to learn this is the way to have endless sources of readers absolutely free and extremely quality. If you have a good marketing approach, you will not even have to rely on google to get readers, there are many people using content marketing to share great articles, social marketing to take advantage of the network. Blogging is not just for fun take all your heart off, show all the marketing skills you have and joy you get is steady increase in blog traffic.

skills to choose products to promote

For personal blog that share a niche that has a large readership on a daily basic, don not ignore it. because if it work well it can bring you a passive income



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