How to increase traffic to your blog


welcome to jobzone Today we are sharing the topic related to How to increase traffic to your blog.

You have officially claim a blog are still hard- up posting and also altering to set up your blog each and every day consistently.

You might be occupied with the quantity of individuals visiting your blog or not intrigued thing. In any

case, I suggest you utilize Google analytics from the date you present the main article on the Blog to get a handle on the advancement of the blog and perusers visit your blog learn, intrigued and have the pursuit conduct it.

In the event that you have utilized Google analytics and feel rather miserable that just 3 less individuals visit your blog each day. at that point you require an answer. Along these line article ” How to increase traffic to your blog

So i will share best important point to earn traffic in your blog.

Increase traffic to your blog

  • Created facebook page and increase Your page like
  • Link your website / blog with the facebook account and social media site
  • Share a post with a link on your blog on facebook, twitter, and other social media.
  • Surely your post has a facebook share button.
  • Use Subscriber list first day to receive email marketing as soon as possible.
  • Create a webinar to collect multiple email addresses
  • Write and create Great content
  • Make a table of contents in a long article to help reader easily follow the article
  • Created Google Plus account and Share your post
  • Use both the share button on Pinterest account.


  • Motivate readers to leave their email by Giving away content and Free ebook and gifts
  • Put the email subscribe box  in the most visible position, make the easiest impression in the top of the side
  • Make sure Your blog is easy to find any page and search for information. Reaser do not like complexity and confusion.
  • Write the best and most engaging headline possible
  • Comment approval and reply to every one
  • Make sure your interface is mobile- friendly
  • Install the Basic plugin for SEO
  • Use the article the H1 and H2 both combination
  • Create rich content
  • Use youtube , create short video tutorial or introduction and the write a description of at least 350 words, and linking your blog to this description .

join your facebook pages




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