How to start blogging and what things to invest

How to start blogging and what things to invest

Hello everyone. Today we will know that many new comer to start blogging and what things to first invest on the very important for you to know. because if you invest in the right place, your blogging career become very easy to success.


Best investing plain to start blogging

  • Domain name
  • Web Hosting account
  • premises themes if you want to buy
  • Hire person to work in your website:- writers and Developer Hire
  • Advertising

how to start blogging and what things to invest

Domain name:- The first thing you should invest to purchase Domain name . Those who are free blogging platform provide you blogs with subdomain name not relevant to traffic gain from the search engine Today. So if you want to create your own identity blogging You should first buy a top level domain name.

You can buy a domain name at a very low price. There are many site but i recognise  to Godaddy. You should take advantage of their discount coupons and offers so you buy find the cheap price.

Web Hosting account:-Web Hosting is next need you can use your domain with a free blogging platform like as blogger, but it has many limitations. so if you want to do professional blogging and want to make money with blogging then you have to choose Word press Platform. Actually wordpress itself is free but for that your need web second number i have suggest the web hosting.


Premises Themes:- If you don’t have money problem then i suggest to buy premises Themes.You have to choose a WordPress platform to do professional blogging now .you also need a themes for your blog. However many themes are also available for free but free themes are not so customizable that we can use them for professional blogging. If you have a good budget then go for it.


Hire person :- If you are busy person, dont have time to write quality content regularly, which is very important to any blogging then you can hire content writers as well as developer to help customization of the themes or edit everything what do you want.

Advertising :- If you want to see your blog grow in the form of a brand from the beginning then you can advertising as social site like facebook advertising /twitter followers and other mark on social media.


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