How to created a wordpress on free web hosting

How to created a wordpress on free web hosting site ooowebhost


Today i share as we know to created a self hosted wordpress blog or website, we have to buy domain name and web hosting. Now the domain name get cheap price and no worry of renewing it for the whole years but for most beginner web hosting is not a cheap deal.

Today how to setup wordpress blog to ooowebhost account

Provided basic free web hosting with some limitation, It has limitation that your website will be temporarily offline or down for one hour every day.

  • After fill in your email, fill in your email, set password and choose a unique name for your website, If you type wildseven, then your site home address will be
  • After this click on the get free hosting button.


  • After this it will show you the welcome message

  • After then click on the Manage website button


  • Almost done, you can skip the step procedure and click on the button on the cross. scroll it down. and select wordpress

  • Here you will find three tiles, click on the middle tile to start WordPress installation, which will show the logo of WordPress.

  • By clicking on it, you will open a popup of WordPress Install, set your username, password, URL and language for your WordPress blog, and then click on Install button.
  • Now this will start the installation process and in a minute your WordPress blog will be installed on free webhosting.


  • After that it will give you a message of installation complete and congratulations and below it will be a link to the go to configuration page by clicking on and reach to the login page type your username and password .


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