How to check my website speed by google tool

Today i share How to check my website speed by google tool

Google launch new site to check test my site think with google

Think with google is tool which is developed by google.

It test website speed in mobile and desktop . so you can know score of your website by think with google. Here i will explain you how to use think with google tool for check website sped?

step 1 First of all open

how to check your website speed

step 2. After open url type your website in text box.

step 3. click on test option

step 4. After 1 minute you will get your website score result.


step 5. If you score is upto good than your website ok. dnot worry

step 6. click on the see top fixes .& find your problem occur.

how to check your website score rank


Also  one of the more good site to check complete detail your speed your website.

Free website speed test from around the globe using real browsers at consumer connection speeds with detailed optimization

step 1.Go for type your url.

step 2. click on start button.

step 3. this site find per pages your speed in different region and also find device.

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