How Easily Set Total W3 Cache Plugin to Increase Your Blog Speed

How Easily Set Total W3 Cache Plugin to Increase Your Blog Speed

how to easily set total w3 cache plugin

Today i share how to easily set total w3 and uses to increase your blog speed

page load time or page speed is the amount of time it takes a website and blog ,online store etc. for loading or access. Of courese, the shorter the time it takes, the better for the visitor and  the ranking of that website in the search engines.

Check the speed of your blog

Before using W3 Total Cache, I advise you to check the speed of your blog first so you can compare the speed before and after using the plugin. This speed check can be done in Google Pagespeed Insights or Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test.

1)  Enable W3 Total Cache
The first stage using W3 Total Cache is activating the plugin on your blog. For that, do the following steps.

1. Log in to your WordPress blog.

2. After logging in, select Add New on the Plugins feature.

how easy setting w3

3. In the plugin search box, type W3 Total Cache and press the Enter key on your computer. to the install

5. Click the Active Plugin link to enable W3 Total Cache.

The Total Cache W3 plugin is active. Now it’s time to use the plugin. The first thing to do is general arrangement. Here’s step by step 6. In the Performance feature, select General Settings.

7. On the page that appears, look for the Page Cache section. Select Enable and Disk: Enhanced to decrease your blog response time.

8. Still on the same page, locate the Browser Cache section and select Enable. After that, click the Save all settings button.

Setting Browser Cache
The last step is setting up Browser Cache. The stages are as below.

9. In the Performance feature, select Browser Cache.

Prevent caching of objects after settings change Do not process 404 errors for static objects with WordPress Rewrite URL structure of objects Apply HTTP Strict Transport Security policy.

11. Click the Save all settings button to save the Browser Cache changes.

The W3 Total Cache plugin is a useful plugin to increase the speed of your blog. These plugin settings are usually confusing because of the many features available. Therefore, if you are a beginner, try using the step by step I described above. Good luck!


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