Everything we give novel free download pdf by kerry lonsdale

Everything We Give novel free download pdf by kerry Lonsdale



Ian’s story is quite powerful. Kerry writes with such detail that you can feel all the emotions Ian is feeling. It will bring you to tears and make you smile. He is one of the strongest male leads I have read in a long time. He has such an intense love for his wife Aimee, and their daughter Cat that most would dream for. How he ended up this strong is nothing short of amazing.

This book will leave you with a nice book hangover, and definitely still wanting more – though this does tie the series up very nicely.

Kerry is one of my top go-to authors and with Everything We Give, she knocks it out of the park once again!

This book is the perfect for climax to a wonderful series. We have read Aimee’s story and James story and now to tie both of those up.
Ian’s story touched me to the core and first two books were also touching, but there was something about reading about Ian’s past, and the lost little boy trying to keep his family together. and all the dangerous situations that her mental illness landed him.
He was just so alone. It explains he loves aimee so much, what she and Caty mean to him, and why he is still so adamant he wants to find his mother.
Finally find out the connection everyone has to  one another. These characters and other introduced in this book are realistic and relatable.
I highly recommend this story for those readers who enjoy a suspenseful, mysterious story with tense twists and turns

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