Indian, U.S. air forces to the  deepen cooperation -Indo-Pacific region 

Chief of U.S. Air Force General David L. Goldfein


The Quadrilateral” the coalition among the  U.S., India, Japan and Australia would provide for a deeper cooperation between the Indian and American air forces

.In November, India,and  the U.S., Australia and Japan give to the  shape to the a long-pending “Quad” to the  develop a new strategy to keep the critical sea routes ,of  the Indo-Pacific free of Chinese influence operational cooperation to complement the strategic interests of the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region .

If cooperation between the two forces would deepen in the wake of the four countries joining hands with an  aim at containing China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

Indian-American group marches in support of Trump’s


The 800 Indian-Americans people participated in a march outside of the White House on Saturday raising in  slogans in support of U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal to implement a “merit-based” immigration system in the country and demanding discontinuation of country quotas for Green Card approvals.A Green Cards issued to individual countries at 9,800, while more than 50,000 of them newly join the queue each year.


the slogans at the march organised said .“Trump loves Hindus,”  “Trump loves India,” “Trump bringing Ram Rajya,” “Indians love Trump,”


Women script succes story in the farming set up an organic fertiliser

Two paddy harvests later the , Samruddhi, a joint liability group of the  (JLG) of Kudumbasree in Malayinkeezhu panchayat that ha’s scripted success story.

Started by the  four women — Sathi K.& Anila Kumari,& Manju Chandra, &  Priya R. — the joint liability group   has been into the paddy farming, vegetable, plantain, and flower cultivation on nearly two acres of land.

Initial bank loan of:-  ₹2 lakh

Besides 70 cents of land owned by Ms. Sathi, have taken land on lease too the grow crops. Though part of Kudumbasree for four years, Ms. Sathi has been cultivating crops for only a year-and-a half.

We have the received awards from the Kudumbasree State and district mission, the panchayat, and the Krishi Bhavan, its  besides an incentive from the district mission.”

A Creativity of  The Hindu Young World Painting Competition held at CMI Public School, Devagiri

A Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award winning-writer K.P. Ramanunni presented the prizes to the winners. P. Damodaran, the director of odissa Footwear and Backpacks, gave away the consolation prizes. Judging panel the  members V.P. Madhavan and Denzil John were present.



Production of the foodgrain in Telangana is expected to be the highest 

it is estimated to be about 95.01 lakh tonnes, about the five lakh tonnes more than the output achieved last year.  Major food crops – cereals and pulses – helped by favourable weather conditions and improved availability of inputs such as seed and fertilizers.


Bharti Airtel:-Singtel (singapore )to invest $413 million 


 A great day out for :- Ethiopians Deksisa and Gobena in Mumbai marathon

As a 23-year-old Ethiopian clocked 2:09:34s, 3:12s off his personal the  best achieved as a runner-up at the Rotterdam marathon two years ago.

Amane Gobena made it a memorable day for the Ethiopians, winning the women’s title.



Indian winners

A Olympic marathoners T. Gopi (2:16:51s) and Sudha Singh (2:48:32) claimed that the  Indian men’s and women’s titles.

Nitendra Rawat was second behind Army teammate Gopi in the Indian category and 12th overall, felt the elite races could begin earlier when it was cooler.

“We can aim for the course record when the run starts at 6 a.m., not 7.10, when the sun is up a few kilometres into the race.” He finished second in 2:16:54 (owner of Indian course record 2:15:48).

The half-marathon (21km) was won by Pardeep Singh and Sanjivani Jadhav.

The results: Men Elite: 1. Solomon Deksisa (Eth, 2:09:34); 2. Shumet Akalnaw (Eth, 2:10:00); 3. Joshua Kipkorir (Ken, 2:10:30); 4. Shumi Dechasa (Bah, 2:12:24): 5. Bantie Aychew (Eth, 2:12:49).

Women Elite: 1. Amane Gobena (Eth, 2:25:49); 2. Bornes Kitur (Ken, 2:28:48); 3. Shuko Genemo (Eth, 2:29:41); 4. Birke Debele (Eth, 2:29:45); 5. Kaftu Tahir (Eth, 2:35:01).

Prize money: 1. $42,000; 2. $23,000; 3.$17,000; 4.$12,000; 5. $8,000.

Indians: Full marathon: Men: 1. T. Gopi (2:16:51); 2. Nitendra Rawat (2:1654); 3. Srini Bugatha (2:23:56).

Women: 1. Sudha Singh (2:48:32); Jyoti Gawate (2:50:47); Parul Chaudhary (2:53:26).

Half marathon: Men: 1. Pardeep Singh (1:05:42); 2. Shankar Mann Thapa (1:06:40); 3. Deepak Kumbhar (1:06:54).

Women: 1. Sanjeevani Jadhav (1:26:24); 2. Monika Athare (1:27:15); 3. Juma Khaturn (1:27:48).

Drogovich, wins a final two races, finishes in style

MRF Challenge when he won the final two races at the MMRT in Chennai.




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