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Today we are sharing the Best SEO plugins in WordPress To increase your ranking in Google.

There are many new uses  who are starting his career in Blog there are first step in mind How to ranking

site in google. Today we are my best method to sharing in my  own experience How to ranking and Best

seo plugins in wordpress to help increase your Ranking in Google. To meet the SEO techniques be

friendly to search engines. But even so, you can still optimise your WordPress site in a variety of ways

to be more friendly to search engines and Great in your online Business Competition.

In this article, I will share some of the best Plugins use for SEO optimization on your wordpress site

so that your website gets the best Ranking in Search engine. and How to easily setup seo plugin 




If you use wordpress and find to search best SEO plugins for wordpress  will make your site friendly to

search engines, in addition to optimizing SEO on page , meta describing ,and also useful to increase the

speed of your WordPress website


Best plugin in wordpress

  • All in One SEO
  • SEO yoast
  • Smush image compression and Optimisation
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Related post Plugin
  • Share Social Plugin
  • Google Analytic Plugin

All in One SEO plugin in wordpress


best seo plugin in wordpress


All in one SEO plugin is the best SEO  plugin to help provided webmaster with easy to use and make

seo related challenges. The big advantage of using the All in one Seo plugin is that you don’t need any

experience in this plugin it simple and clear to use.

All in One SEO Pack plugin Superior features

  • Automatic optimization of your pages titles
  • XML sitemap and  Google Analytics support.
  • Automatic meta tag creation
  • Helps you avoid duplicate content


SEO YOAST plugin in wordpress


best seo plugin in wordpress


Yoast SEO is the first SEO plugin that every wordpress user to use them. There are single plugin

handling many aspects of your WordPress site SEO optimizes in your website.

If you have used a separate plugin for sitemap, and redirection and some other features, you can stop

using it after you use Yoast Seo plugin.

Best achieve the Yoast SEO plugin

  • Create a Sitemap file
  • Edit robots. txt and . htaccess
  • Control indexing of your website/ blog
  • Add meta tags to the homepage and post.
  • Social media optimization
  • Add descriptions and key words to optimize SEO for pages

Best plugin in wordpress seo there are same as All in Seo pack plugin , if you don’t want to use Yoast SEO  go for All in SEO pack plugin.


Smush Image Compression and Optimisation

best plugin in seo wordpress


There are many people to ignore the most importance past of seo to providing user experience by

increasing site speed. Google has explained that site speed is a ranking factor. so this is not something

you want to ignore.

i already use this plugin to smush image compression and optimisation. to reduce my image and shorten

the loading time of my site pages .you can increase site speed  as well as a better overall user experience.



It is easy to use and  get the high rank you need to use. This plugin is useful for monitoring various links

within your wordpress site and can tell you about broken links and help for fix them at a fast pace.

Make sure that your website is not filled with broken links because it can negative impact on your

seo and user rank.

some broken link checker features

  • monitor links in posts, pages, comments
  • Detect any links that don’t work
  • The option to provide a broken link has a different look at the post
  • option to prevent search engines form following broken links.



best seo plugin


In this plugin your site provides a better user experience. One of the best ways  to improve in both

fields is to install the related post plugin or Related post.

the plugin displays post and pages related to the current content and idea behind this is simple.

they read other articles that are of interest to visitors.





The social media is very important and this cannot be separated from the blog / website and the fact is

the social signals have a huge influence on SEO ranking. therefore never forget to use social share plugin

on your website.

Adding a social share feature will make it easier for you and your visitors to share your article and

content to social media platform. You can choose many social share plugin and has a variety of social

icon You can see my blog post.


join your facebook pages








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