What is backlink and why it important & Type of backlink

What is backlink and why it important &Type of backlink


Benefit of Backlink



Hello friends today i sharing about what is backlink and why it important for every blogger

When a webpage is connected to another page by a link,  it is called  Backlink. You can also say that when you create a link to connect a website to another website , then it called Backlink.

Backlink make a huge impact on a website in search engine ,that why they are very useful for improving a website.


Type of Backlink 

There are many type of Backlink are there is SEO , but most importance Backlink are :-Dofollow and Nofollow

Do follow :-When a two blogger are connected through Link and don’t add the NOfollow word to that link it becomes a Do follow Backlink. so that it gives Juice provide to your blog.

<ahref="http://xyz.com">what is backlink </a>

Nofollow:-When two links are connected through Link, but add to nofollow word in that link,it becomes a No follow link. which mean that the link is redirecting you to another pages but it is not providing any kind of juice to your blog.

<arel="nofollow" href="http:/xyz.com">what is backlink </a>

High Quality backlink:- when two blogs are on same topics and they have been connected with each other through and Do follow backlink, they will be called High Quality Backlink. they are provide Juice provide to each other.

Low Quality Backlink:- When you create your link on a website that is not related to your topic, then the link does not provide any kind of juice, so that link is called Low Quality Backlink.

Link Juice :- When the two blog that have created on the same topic, they are linked to other and also Do follow link , they link the website to Juice provider is called Link juice .

Suppose you create a blog which is about of cellphone and we also have a blog on the same topic that we add to your website by link, then our blog Juice provides your blogs.

Internal Link:- Internal link is a type of hyperlink on a webpage to another page or  resource,such as like image or document on the same website or domain is called Internal link.

External Link:-
When Link is created to connect a blog to another blog then it is called External Link.


Benefit of Backlink

High page Ranking:- Created a High Quality link to improve of your blogs, and blog in search engine show in the first page in your website .

Note:- You have to created both Do follow link  75 % and No follow 25 %  link so that traffic and domain authority are both increase on your blog.

Referral Traffic:- When you add your link to any website , the traffic coming to that website also redirected to your blog, which lead to Traffic increase on your blog site.

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